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They’re Always “Right”

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

Rochester Conservative Forum

I met a nice group of people the other night; conservatives from the group above. I didn’t see one wild, raving tinfoil-hat wingnut in the bunch.  I’ll bet not one believes Obama uses secret Muslim handshakes when meeting to plan the destruction of America.

Actually the shared traits I did see were an openness to many different views, a great deal of intelligence, and an extensive knowledge of American history.  Although we differed on many issues, people listened politely and then disagreed without being disagreeable.  I was quite impressed.

Their discussion forum is a good place to talk about political matters or just read some interesting views.

Thinking For Dummies

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012

" An ATM fee for my own money?"

Thinking isn’t too hard once you get the hang of it. But most people meander through their mediocre lives seemingly oblivious to the fact that this isn’t a dress rehearsal – this is it. The worst part about thinking is you can think too much and goof up your day.

Like PIN numbers.  Every time I use my ATM card, the machine asks for my pin number.  When I type in the four digits, it shows “XXXX” and then asks “Is this your pin number?”

Well of course XXXX isn’t my pin number but if I press “no” I’ve got to start all over again. And I must keep inserting my card until I answer “Yes”.  In other words, I’ve got to lie to the damn ATM  to get my own money on which I’ll be charged a hefty fee plus an additional fee by my bank because I didn’t use their inconvenient ATM.

Once I walked up to my bank’s ATM and inserted my card.  When it asked for my pin number,  I typed “XXXX”.  The friggin’ machine shot out my card so fast I thought it would hit the ground.

People are as boring with their pin numbers as they are in their lives.  A recent poll showed about 1/3 of all adults use: 1-2-3-4-5, or a-b-c-d-e  or some derivation of those.  I guess they think they can remember those but since they don’t have much else about which to think, they should make a little more effort not to be such dullards.