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“Oh, No One Is Going To Shoot Me.”

Monday, January 16th, 2012

While handcuffing himself to Lee Harvey Oswald, the “patsy” in the John Kennedy assassination, Jim Leavelle, a Dallas Police Detective said, “Great – someone will shoot at you and hit me.”  Oswald replied with the words above.

Seaway? I Thought You Said ‘Seafood’

Monday, January 16th, 2012

Saint Lawrence is the Patron Saint of Cooking. He’s in the Roman Canon which is kind of like an encyclopedia of Catholicism.  Admittedly, he’s not on the “A” List of Roman Catholic Saints like Saint Peter or Saint Paul – but he’s right up there because he’s a martyr.

In the third century, Catholics were being martyred left and right.  Most were beheaded or burned at the stake.  But Saint Lawrence earned his wings (so to speak) in a particularly grisly manner: he was roasted alive on a grill – which was ‘rare’ in those times.  How he got from the grill to the Table of Saints under ‘Cooking’ must be a funny story – but the Canon doesn’t say.

At least Saint Lawrence had a good sense of humor.  As he was being burned alive on the red-hot metal, he said “I’m roasted on this side. If you want me well done, it’s time to turn me over.”