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The Food Was Lousy And The Portions Small

Friday, January 13th, 2012

I hate when people snivel about everyday annoyances. An electronic discussion forum I’m on went to a Facebook check-in when commenters were insulting each other behind anonymous avatars. They were really brave! (as long as no one knew who they were.)

This happened about 2-months ago and the whiners are still whining!

FB now demands they open with a ‘name’ although every other piece of their information is “locked.”  Of course these paranoids think anyone can hack the locks and expose their mundane lives to the world.  I would ask, “Who cares?”

My blog has gone on now for over 4-years.  I’m not anonymous – I’m not hiding.  I’ve taken some positions at which some people are offended (tough shit.)  A few have e-mailed me, (“you stupid, fucking asshole!”) – others have called one of my numbers, leaving the message (“you stupid, fucking asshole!”) and (my favorite) one wrote, “If the choice ever comes between reading another word by you or sticking pins in my eyes, I’ll take the pins!” I printed that one and hung it on my wall.

People forget, it’s not what whiners SAY – it’s what they’ll DO – and what they do best is just whine.