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War With Iran

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

The United States is JUST ITCHING to go to war with Iran.  We WANT to provoke them! We want them to stop building a nuclear weapon, threatening Israel, and we’re not too thrilled about their government being run by a bunch of towel-headed theocrats either.

When Iran says they’re going to destroy Israel (which any good Iranian politician HAS to say to stay in power) the snarling US war machine (stoked by the well-fed military/industrial complex) starts growling.

The strictest trade sanctions ever aren’t enough for Iran to do what WE want it to do. So our government’s public relations arm is beginning to beat the war drums portraying Iran as a country of America-haters run by a lunatic.  Just like they said Saddam Hussein was the “worst dictator since Joseph Stalin.”

I heard these drums before the war in Vietnam – the song was “Gulf of Tonkin.”  When we wanted to set up our bases in Iraq, the tune was “Weapons of Mass Destruction.”  Now the pick hit is, “Straites of Hormuz.”

OF COURSE, we have a right to be in international waters!  But was the USS Stennis floating too close to Iranian Navy Missions?  Of course it was!  I’d bet my cat that we did it on purpose to show “who’s boss” – and piss off Iran.

Like weak bullies everywhere who need to make loud noises for their pride, Iran is threatening to close the Straites.  But of course it’s not what they say – it’s what they’ll DO.  Or what the US provokes them to do.

How Are Your Lobes?

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Do you have an ear lobe crease?  If you do, your chances of having a heart attack increase by 30 – 70% depending on which study you read.  Index finger longer than your ring finger?  Another bad sign.  Short legs too?  Buddy, you may not even get to watch the Super Bowl.

There are many body indicators that can predict heart attacks.  Scientists just don’t know why they do – and can’t agree on their significance.  That’s too bad because 50% of all deaths in Western countries come from heart attacks and associated diseases. And the first symptom of most heart attacks is also the last one: a heart attack that kills you.

So if you have any of these symptoms and want to live longer, you should probably eat less, exercise more, and give up smoking.  And if you don’t have any of the symptoms, you should probably do the exact same things.

UPDATE:  It doesn’t take much to amuse me (a necessity for writing – and reading – this blog) but I take great pleasure in the thought of 2-or 3-hundred people worldwide actually looking at their lobes or their fingers (based on 1200 hits/day) because of this post.  Call me superficial.  Thank you.