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Cornfield Caucus

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

"Where are we?"

Have you ever taken a vacation in Iowa? No? Well, there are really not a lot of reasons to go.  If fact if you woke up in the middle of a cornfield, you wouldn’t know if you were in Iowa, Nebraska, or Kansas.  Or about a half dozen other Midwestern states which I’ve visited – from 35,000 feet.

It seems however, that Iowans were clever in at least one way:  they got both local Republicans and Democrats to make a law that demands they be the FIRST state to have a Republican Presidential candidate run-off. If any other state decides to have a primary or caucus on New Year’s Day -by law – Iowans would have to have theirs sometime in the previous year.

This brings a lot of attention to the state along with the revenue from  thousands of media people following about a half dozen candidates plus their buses of people.  The hotels and restaurants hum with business.  And even Johnny Hayseed gets to babble his political bullshit for about 10-seconds on national TV.

The problem is Iowa doesn’t represent much in terms of America.  It’s less than 1% of our population, has less than a 10% Black and Hispanic population, and over 60% of the folks list themselves as Fundamentalist Christians.  A win in this early caucus does not guarantee the nomination nor the Presidency.  Just ask “Presidents” Huckabee or Bob Dole.

The national news shows BRING the news to Iowa. The stalks don’t make much by themselves.