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Can You Take Your Dog to Heaven?

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Billy Graham just turned 93 and I always kind of liked the guy despite my eye-rolling dislike of most of the puppets, charlatans, and hustlers who usually dance in our church pulpits.  My admiration started when I was a kid reading his newspaper column.

An old man wrote Dr. Graham saying he was in anguish because his pastor said his faithful dog couldn’t go to heaven with him because it didn’t have a soul and there were Bible verses to “prove” it.

Billy wrote back saying he absolutely believed the Bible which also said “anything you need to make you happy in heaven, you will have, so if you need your old dog, he’ll be there.”

Do I believe that?  I believe Billy Graham has a heart full of goodness and the earth is a better place for him having lived here.

Bush Times Two (And Carry The Obama)

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Senator John McCain is a decorated war hero and for that I respect him.  Yesterday he called the withdrawal of American troops from Iraq a “victory for Iran” and blasted the decision.

For that, I think he’s an idiot.

Obama and Defense Secretary Panetta have been begging Iraq to let us leave combat troops past the end of the year.  Iraq has said ‘no’ – again and again.  They’d rather face the Iran threat alone than have us occupy their country.

Here’s what McCain knows: within a year or two, Iraq will fall into a fighting religious, Mullah-land, just as it has for centuries.  Which means 4,483 U.S. troops died there FOR NOTHING.  That’s kind of an embarrassment to George W’s ass kissers who flag-waved us into this debacle more than a decade ago.

When he ran for President against Obama in 2008, McCLone said he would follow W’s policies in Iraq.  Obama said he wouldn’t.  Of course, Obama lied.