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Monday, November 7th, 2011

Social Conservatives are whining, screaming, and throwing tantrums like bratty kids in the candy aisle of the grocery store.  “It’s not fair!”, “It’s not fair”, “It’s not fair” they snivel like Yoko Ono bitching about anything.  It’s fun to watch.

The issue is Herman Cain (Republican Conservative Presidential hopeful) getting nailed by a handful of women he tried to nail in his past.  “If he was like … (Clinton) (Kennedy) (Barney Frank) (Fill in any Liberal Democrat’s name) … the mainstream Liberal media wouldn’t even cover this!”, the whiners cry.  I think they’re Right – to a point – but there’s a BIG difference.  It can be stated in 1-word:


Liberals don’t try to pretend they’re guardians of traditional “moral” values and appointed by God.  They don’t often brag about how they’re Ten Commandments superior or wave the flag and say American society will collapse without Christian-established rules of living.

Let’s face it, most Liberals and Conservatives are equally-lying, sexually-active, crooked politicians. But only Conservatives are the ones who claim they’re not.

I’m Reeling…

Monday, November 7th, 2011

“Let’s Not Hear It For … The Shaggs!”

Monday, November 7th, 2011

The ‘60’s coughed up some strange bands and one of the weirdest was the Shaggs.  I hate to criticize anyone’s music – but this group was the hairball of all-women bands.

The Shaggs were composed of the Wiggin sisters: Dot Wiggin, Betty Wiggin, Helen Wiggin, and later, Rachel Wiggin.  I would have called them the “Friggin’ Wiggins” but their father named them after insisting they play together in a commercial band.  He probably didn’t realize that in Britain, to “shag” a girl means to have sex with her.

Austin “The Dad” Wiggin didn’t seem to realize a number of things.  His girls couldn’t sing, couldn’t  play their instruments and didn’t want to learn, and were not exactly ‘eye-candy’ on stage.  The girls immediately disbanded upon Dad’s death in 1975.

Now, for being so mean, I’m going to punish myself by listening again to one of the Shaggs forgettable songs. As one critic wrote, “I can’t decide which song is worse: the one played by the drummer or the one by the guitarist.”