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2 Rapes in Toronto – Obama Sends In Troops!

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Is Obama nuts?  Is he just friggin’ nuts!? O is sending about 100 U.S. combat troops (and countless support personnel and material)  to Africa to help hunt down the leaders of a notoriously violent rebel group in and around Uganda.

U.S. military personnel  will not engage rebel forces “unless necessary for self-defense,” Obama said.

“I believe that deploying these U.S. armed forces furthers U.S. national security interests and foreign policy.”


This dork who was the “peace” candidate for President in 2008 and then won the Nobel “peace prize” has:

• escalated the unwinnable war in Afghanistan,

• dragged his feet on troop withdrawal in Iraq,

• continually threatens Iran,

• had the US do all the heavy killing in Libya, and

• now is sending combat troops to Africa.

Besides not being able to afford any more military misadventures, who gave the US the role of “Peacekeeper of the World”?  And, since the “War Powers Act” does not allow Presidents to run off 1/2 cocked, committing US troops without Congressional approval, why isn’t Congress DEMANDING O follow the Constitution?

What Did It Cost Taxpayers Per Key?

Friday, October 14th, 2011

(Enlarged to make it look bigger.)

NY State Police and local law enforcement officials arrested nearly two dozen “major drug traffickers” in the “biggest cocaine bust here in more than a decade.”  Even the NY Attorney General flew in and posed with rows of cops beaming about confiscating 34-keys, 8-guns, over 20 “major drug distributors,” two color copies, and a calculator!

The reporters looked bored and one startled the AG with the question, “Won’t other dealers now just start a different pipeline on the same route?”  AG just babbled some bullshit (again).

Why wasn’t anyone too excited?  Major busts of a 100+ TONS of drugs have gone down in major cities like New York (about a six hour drive from Rochester).  34-keys equals about 75-pounds.  100 TONS equals about 200,000 pounds.

Q. So why was this story headlines for a minute and a half?

A.  How many days until the next election? About 27.