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The Green Ravine-Machine

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Women: does your vibrator sound like a logger’s chain saw slicing though a sequoia tree?  Do your house lights dim when you plug in your buzzin’ best friend? And do you think your kids really believe you buy the 72-pak of double AA batteries for your electric toothbrush?

Come on now – it’s time for you to come and go green!  There are many eco-friendly sex toys available now at your local sex shop and on the internet. There are solar-powered vibrators (rechargeable on rainy days), non-chemical lubricants, vegan “natural” condoms, “locarotic” buzzers, edible creams, insertables without BPA plastics, and many other organic, earth-loving sex enhancers.  And they all come in recyclable packaging!

Destroying the environment is a real buzz-killer (unless you’re in to that sort of thing).  So come on.  Don’t screw up the planet while you’re getting screwed!