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“You Don’t Find Too Many Jewish Bullfighters”

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
Naturally I forgot to watch “Dancing With the Stars” last night.  I wanted to see if Nancy Grace was nipped from the winners.  But while searching for the information, I came across this clip of Jerry Springer dancing with a REAL professional dancer – not like the dancers he has on his show.

I’m no fan of Springer but this clip made me laugh.  The dances he did were for laughs but what else can a 62-year old, out of shape talk show host do? The sponsors also took him to a “bloodless” bullfight where a snarly beast chased him out of the ring.

“Are You Ready For Some Stupid?!”

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

"I've got no talent but my Daddy did."

Hank Williams, Jr is the guy who yells “are you ready for some football?” at the beginning of ESPN’s Monday Night Football.  He seems to have an interest in Tennessee politics and is considering a run for a US Senate seat in 2012. He’s also not the brightest light in the harbor.  So of course Fox News interviewed him with questions about politics yesterday morning.

Williams compared the so-called “golf summit” between Obama and House Speaker John Boehner as “one of the biggest political mistakes ever. It would be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli leader) Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Say what?

The startled Fox hosts asked him to explain the comment.  Williams then called Obama and Biden “the enemy”.  ESPN immediately canceled the opening of last night’s game and began talks of canceling Williams permanently.

Talking to this hillbilly about politics on national television is like asking the head of PETA if mustard or mayonnaise is preferable on a ham sandwich.  Fox News should know better.  When they forget, their “fair and balanced” becomes “fear and unbalanced” –  like a dumb hick who’s cowboy hat is made of tinfoil.

See the interview here: