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Except For That, How Was Your Trip To Italy?

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

“Oh, sorry Amanda – our mistake.  Here’s four years of your life back.”

Right.  If you haven’t heard by now, Amanda Knox was finally acquitted of the brutal murder of her roommate in Italy.  The 24-year old has spent the last 4-years in a cramped jail cell, waiting for her appeal’s verdict which was delivered today.

Let’s see now, no motive, no physical evidence except the DNA which was thrown out,  the 52 hours of police interrogation also thrown out (they couldn’t speak English – she couldn’t speak Italian – and they refused to give her a lawyer) and the prosecution and media calling her a “satanic-worshipping she devil” who used drugs, alcohol, and was a “whore”.

A crowd of loud ‘cafones’ (ignorant peasants) jeered Knox and called out “Murderer!” (in Italian, of course) after the verdict.  These dolts believed all they read in  the Italian tabloids which are even sleazier than American rags.

Why did Italian authorities jump on Amanda Knox?  Well think of it – a high-profile brutal murder of a pretty college student,  a deluge of public opinion demanding the police find the killer,  an overzealous prosecutor, and a “confession” after over 2-days of aggressive police interrogation.

I’m not eating Fetticini Alfredo for a year in protest!