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If This Isn’t A Nipple What Is it?

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

7-pounds of beef stuffed into a 5-pound bag.

A new planet?  A cupcake snack for later? A period on a billboard sentence?  Either Nancy Grace is milking this thing for all the publicity it’s worth or she’s just a typical media whore lying her ass off (or nipple in).  I vote for the latter.

Grace denies anyone saw anything but a few “jiggles” on last night’s “Dancing With The Stars”. She didn’t say this photo of her nip slip was doctored –  she says it just didn’t happen. Yikes! Since the mainstream press censored the picture anyway, much of America might believe the big-boobed bimbo.

Nancy doesn’t exactly dance like Ginger Rogers – she doesn’t even dance as well as Roy Rogers. And I knew right from her first appearance – someone should have just pushed a few dollars into her bra and told her to go into the audience and sell lap dances.

Nip Slip From Grace

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Nancy Grace was hanging out at “Dancing With The Stars” last night where she and her partner are contestants. Midway through her quickstep number,  her dress slipped and seemed to get caught in her nipple.  As the audience sat stunned, Grace continued her routine not noticing the very noticable wardrobe malfunction.

I’ve got to give the woman credit – although she’s 51 and no Twiggy, Nancy Grace gave an enthusiastic and exciting performance.  Thumbs up!

Thumbs DOWN to the American mainstream media which starred out the exposed breast so as not to expose children to a Mom’s nipple.  Even the Huffington Post, an extremely liberal news outlet, blurred the boob.

When will this country grow a set of balls and not cower before right wing Christian letter writers?  Fuck them! Any idiot can type bullshit into a computer and send it out.  I offer myself as an outstanding example.

"OH MY GOD! Kids might see a nipple!"