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Eye Can See You

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Graffit-eye on my walk today.

Did you ever take a dollar out of your pocket and get the feeling someone was watching you?  It could have been God – but I’ll bet She has better  things to do.  It was probably just the Eye of Providence sitting on a pyramid looking out from the back of the bill. A little strange?

Strange?  The artists who designed the dollar in the late 1700’s were tripping with all the symbolic, hooky-pooky stuff they crammed onto the buck.  A pyramid, Latin sayings, sun rays, scrolls, leafs, and the “1” or “one” appears 17 times!  All in addition to the “all-seeing” eye.  Then they chose the most mediocre color imaginable to tone it down. What an artistic mess!

You can see numerous interpretations of all the symbols from different sources here:

All the symbolism seems so unlike America as a country until you read one interpretation of the “eye”:  “The implication is that the Eye, or God, favors the prosperity of the United States”.

Well yeh, that sounds like us.