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Coming and Going To The Gym

Friday, September 30th, 2011

When it comes to exercise classes, women are much more likely to come more often and exercise more diligently.  Not necessarily in that order. Women don’t always workout to be healthier or for their men – some just do it for themselves.  And some REALLY do it for themselves.

It seems a number of women can experience a workout orgasm or  “coregasm” – right there on a mat – surrounded by other women – in a sweaty exercise class. This sometimes happens when they repetitively do knee lifts and leg lowering to make stronger their “core” –  the muscles in and around their mid section.  In addition to the obvious tightening and then relaxing of the  relevant muscles, coregasms are probably aided by endorphins and the comfort of being in the relaxing company of other women.

It also probably doesn’t hurt that “somebody” is not calling out his ex-lover’s name just before a particularly poignant moment.

I’m Cheering For The Shark

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Michael Cohen, 42, apparently disregarded a shark flag notification, and was attacked by a Great White in the waters off Cape Town, South Africa.  Shocked onlookers used a wet suit for tourniquets and he only lost a couple of legs. Surfers and body boarders often ignore the shark warnings. I think that’s called natural selection – culling our human herd of the dumbest.

I think this PETA poster is pretty funny.  To date, no media will show the graphic advertisement.  I guess militantly moral letter writers eat a lot of meat.

Bacon or Beggin’ Strip Tattoo

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Quick! Wipe the grease off your keyboard.

Hey, Thanks

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

A half-million hits is probably less than a day’s worth for Disney but it’s fine for me.  It took almost four years to hit that number without advertising or a sponsor. Many of my viewers are from outside the US.  Everyone in America doesn’t think like me – but they should.  If you would like to write and not get published, use my e-mail:  Thanks, again.

Live Joyfully!


If This Isn’t A Nipple What Is it?

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

7-pounds of beef stuffed into a 5-pound bag.

A new planet?  A cupcake snack for later? A period on a billboard sentence?  Either Nancy Grace is milking this thing for all the publicity it’s worth or she’s just a typical media whore lying her ass off (or nipple in).  I vote for the latter.

Grace denies anyone saw anything but a few “jiggles” on last night’s “Dancing With The Stars”. She didn’t say this photo of her nip slip was doctored –  she says it just didn’t happen. Yikes! Since the mainstream press censored the picture anyway, much of America might believe the big-boobed bimbo.

Nancy doesn’t exactly dance like Ginger Rogers – she doesn’t even dance as well as Roy Rogers. And I knew right from her first appearance – someone should have just pushed a few dollars into her bra and told her to go into the audience and sell lap dances.

Nip Slip From Grace

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Nancy Grace was hanging out at “Dancing With The Stars” last night where she and her partner are contestants. Midway through her quickstep number,  her dress slipped and seemed to get caught in her nipple.  As the audience sat stunned, Grace continued her routine not noticing the very noticable wardrobe malfunction.

I’ve got to give the woman credit – although she’s 51 and no Twiggy, Nancy Grace gave an enthusiastic and exciting performance.  Thumbs up!

Thumbs DOWN to the American mainstream media which starred out the exposed breast so as not to expose children to a Mom’s nipple.  Even the Huffington Post, an extremely liberal news outlet, blurred the boob.

When will this country grow a set of balls and not cower before right wing Christian letter writers?  Fuck them! Any idiot can type bullshit into a computer and send it out.  I offer myself as an outstanding example.

"OH MY GOD! Kids might see a nipple!"



Monday, September 26th, 2011

Women Can Vote But Still Lose Their Heads

Monday, September 26th, 2011

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia granted women the right to vote last week although they still may be beheaded for adultery – and are not permitted to drive (Thank Allah!). In that country, women are strictly segregated at schools, restaurants and even lines at fast-food takeouts.  They must also have their faces covered in public.

Historians have noted that Abdulla, 87, may want to be remembered as a champion of reform despite being an absolute monarch for decades. There’s little chance of that since his government has promised women  rights before but changed it’s mind.  A more likely reason for reform is the “Arab Summer” which has toppled despots in Egypt and Libya.

I have a question.  On election day, if women are covering their faces at public polling places, who knows who really is voting and how many times?

Bush and King had an “oily” relationship.

Act Like A Man!

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

A Black Mark Against Intelligence

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Some black people have achieved equality with whites in at least one area: stupidity.  On Monday the South Carolina Chapter of the NAACP held a rally on the steps of its capitol to celebrate Martin Luther King Day.  The day before they constructed a large black box around the statue of George Washington.

Why?  Some said it was supposed to hold a large banner which never quite got created, others said the group didn’t want to offend some members because Washington owned slaves, a few said they had done it for years and it was no big deal.

No big deal? A black rally on the steps of the South Carolina capitol slighting Washington on MLK day? That’s a big deal!

For over a century, the NAACP has been one of the most respected groups advocating equal rights for all Americans.  Perhaps they should have spent a little more time choosing a Public Relations person with a lot more common sense.