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Like Shooting Fish In A Barrel

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

NATO must be very proud tonight.  It gave air support to Libya’s rebels who seized the country’s last functioning oil refinery today.  Pro-Qaddafi forces lost the fierce fire fight only 30 miles west of the Libyan capital Tripoli.

After Qaddafi’s soldiers had been beaten in a desperate rearguard battle for the refinery, they retreated to the the sea.  There some troops commandeered a tugboat in a frantic effort to escape.  A few hundred yards from the shore, the vessel was obliterated by a computerized, laser-guided missile fired by a NATO jet.

Can’t you just hear the cheers in the computer room far from the battle when the tugboat blew up on the screen?  Yay! Just like a video game!

During WW II, when Nazi’s and Japs (as we called them then) machine-gunned our troops on survivor boatloads from sinking ships, didn’t we call them “animals” and “subhuman”?

Oh, right.  That was a different time.  And we need the oil.  Disgusting.

Are People Crazy During Full Moons?

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

The answer is that people are crazy with fears, traditional bullshit, and irrational thoughts pretty much all the time.  The planets have nothing to do with it.  Then why, you may ask, does the moon have a gravitational effect on tides?  Tides affect oceans – 80% of the earth’s surface – every day of the year.  NOW we’re talking some planet-to-planet strength!  But even this force does not cause large water flows in smaller bodies of water like the Great Lakes.

There’s never been an accepted scientific study proving the moon has any relationship to “loonies” (even though that term comes from ‘lunar’).

“Moonies Make People Crazy”

It’s been estimated that over 15,000 people per year “moon” Amtrak trains across the country.  And there’s a small town in Southern California that celebrates a “Moon Amtrak Festival”.