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Monday, August 15th, 2011

GET BACK TO WORK!  He’s going on a “non-political” campaign bus tour in (surprise) Iowa – what a coincidence.  And then he’s going on vacation as his approval rating crashes through the floor.  Maybe he figures he’s giving jobs to the drivers of his buses.

How Many Friggin’ Times Must We See . . .

Monday, August 15th, 2011

the stage collapse at the Indiana State Fair?

Let The Screwing Begin

Monday, August 15th, 2011

The Iowa Republican straw poll was held over the weekend and Michelle Bachman won – by a straw.  Out of the 60-thousand + votes that were cast, Bachmann was able to beat 11-term Texas Congressman Ron Paul by only about 150-votes.

Paul was impossible to ignore but I didn’t see him on the Sunday morning news shows the next day.  He got twice as many votes as third place Pawlenty but who got more media coverage?  Pawlenty was covered at least 10-times more – despite his dropping out of the race.

Why?  The Republican Party doesn’t want Ron Paul because he’s “out of the mainstream”.  He wants us to end all of our military involvements except defending the country, trade with any nation in the world, and he thinks the government should keep its nose out of citizens’ lives.

You know, kind of like the Constitution says?  But if the media doesn’ t cover you, you have little chance of winning national elections.  Which is just the way the power people in Washington and the media moguls like it.

I’ll never vote for a main stream national candidate again.  Mr. WAR – Barrack Obama, taught me my lesson.  I’m not stupid enough to be taken twice.  You?