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Tough Time for Timmy Tinfoil Hat

Monday, August 1st, 2011

Rightwing WingNuts (not to be confused with credible Conservatives like Columnist George Will, Senator Orrin Hatch, or President Ronald Reagan)  aren’t happy campers.  They didn’t want any compromises on this debt ceiling bill and there were a lot of compromises – and it’s expected to pass.

One month ago they predicted respect would collapse for the institution of marriage if the marriage-equality bill passed.  It passed in New York and contrary to their gloomsday predictions, no one tried to marry his dog nor did two sisters ask to be wed.

And WOW are they whining!  All sorts of little tantrums are being thrown in electronic political discussion forums.  Rush of Flatulence and Beck and Fall are probably pumping up these people as they get flattened again.

Extremism in the defense of liberty IS a vice if it scares off a majority of American voters.  And these extremists are making Obama look almost good by comparison – and I thought that was impossible to do.

Oh, PS…  I just read where extreme Liberals are infuriated with this plan too! GOOD.  Let’s take all of these political nuts and crack them at the same time.