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Loose Lips Sink Sips

Saturday, July 30th, 2011

The New York State Legislature just passed a bill which would require warning labels on sippy cups.  The new tags would caution parents about childhood tooth decay which supposedly increases when the kid is put to bed with a sippy hanging out of his mouth.

“I can show you photos of children who go to bed with sippy cups,” said Mark Feldman, executive director of the New York’s Dental Association, which lobbied for the bill. “All you see are little black stumps – that is all that is left of the teeth,” he added.

Oh, please shut up.

It seems no one mentioned that today most parents fill their kids with syrupy, sugary drinks the moment they open their mouths.  Or the fact  that most baby food has a large amount of sugar in it.  Sugar has been proven to be one of  the factors in dental decay.

Obviously if kids drink the stuff all day and suck on it all night, it will not be good for their teeth.  But if parents are stupid enough to give kids sweet drinks all day and night, they’re probably too dumb to read the damn labels anyway.

We need a new law for this?

Warms My Friggin’ Heart

Friday, July 29th, 2011

I know I’m just an old romantic, but love conquers all, doesn’t it?

Ms. Erica Herrera plans to marry Curtis Allgier, even though he’s a white supremacist murderer and she’s not white.

Ms. Herrera says Curtis is not really a white racist despite the Iron Cross, swastikas, and white supremacist symbols tattooed on his face.  He really doesn’t mean it, she says, everyone in prison has them.  Besides, if he did believe in white power, why would he have agreed to marry her?

Anyway, Allgier is a lifelong white supremacist skinhead who was written up by the Southern Poverty Law Center. He says he was born into a skinhead family and “raised that way.”

If he ever leaves prison, the best for which Curtis can hope is a spot on the Maury Povitch show with his bride-to-be.  And Curtis, about that job interview…..

In Tents Isn’t Just For Camping Anymore

Friday, July 29th, 2011

K-Y INTENSE is an arousal gel that heightens female sensitivity and satisfaction.  75% of women in a consumer survey said, “it makes sex more satisfying.”

The gel is easy to use and, as the ads say, “arousal is at your fingertips – or his.” During foreplay, a drop is placed on the clitoris and what follows is  heightened sensitivity, increased pleasure, and a more intense climax.  There are about 20 applications in a tube which works out to be about a buck a squirt.

Earlier in the week I went to lunch with two women and asked them about it.  The consensus seemed to be: “give me the $20 bucks, do more chores around the house so I won’t be so tired at night, and have someone explain ‘foreplay’ to you.”

(BTW- is it just me or is the box above a symbolic display of female genitalia?)

“I’ve Lost My Shorts, My Hat…And My Way…”

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

Giulia Agostini is a pretty famous photographer.  You might enjoy his stuff by the link below.  Although most of his portraits are impressive, sometimes you come across a photo like this.  What the hell is this?  Photography 101? There’s probably some very heavy significance to it – but I missed it.  Maybe it’s just Giulia laughing his ass off at people at people trying to find some symbolic meaning in it.


Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

The Wall Street Journal reports that a European study has found no link between cellular-phone use and brain tumors in children and adolescents, a group that may be particularly sensitive to phone emissions.

Smokehibition Is Just Stupid

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011

“Wah, wah,” cries Obama, “we don’t have enough money – let’s raise taxes.”  “Wah, wah, wah,” whines the Congress, “not enough money -let’s cut services.”  The problem is America does have enough money – we just have priorities that are fucked up.

We learned nothing from Vietnam and stepped into three, possibly four more wars we can’t win.  The main things these wars do is suck up a lot money (our military budget takes 1/3 out of every tax dollar) and makes us a lot of worldwide enemies.

We learned nothing from Prohibition and helped along numerous people in organized crime. Today we’re even dumber on the War on Drugs

Last year the U.S. federal government spent over $15 billion dollars, at a rate of about $500 per second to “fight” this war.  State and local governments kicked in at least another 25 billion dollars.  So there’s $40-Billion up in smoke and more people do drugs today than ever before.

Just the thought of this makes me want to do more drugs.

“I’m Melting! I’m meltiiiii…..”

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Photo by Stacy Horn

Over The (Kitchen) Counter Addiction

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

"I'll do anything for Jet-Puff."

Jet-Puffed Marshmallow Creme



Monday, July 25th, 2011

Suggest Friends For Anders

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Fundamentalist Christian Anders Behring Breivik is on Facebook.  People are sending him many messages from all over the world – most of them negative.  You can reach him here:

Muslims need not apply for his Friends List.