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McCain Fans Flames of Hatred

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

"You misquoted me."

John McCain (R. Arizona) speculated that some of the horrendous wildfires that are devastating his home state of Arizona “were caused by illegal aliens.”  The implications were clear: Latino’s in America without proper credentials started the blazing inferno.

Today he tried to slime his way out of the quote by saying “the Monument Fire was started when the park was closed. So anyone who was in there is illegal.”

Right, John. You didn’t mean illegal aliens (whom your voters mostly detest) were the culprits.  You meant aliens from outer space must have landed in the park after hours – and their rockets ignited the trees.

A spokesman for the US Forest Service said Monday that while the latest wildfires appear to be “human caused” there is no evidence that the suspects may have been illegal immigrants.

Americans NOT Voting for Obama

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

US WAR DEAD • Iraq 4463 • Afghanistan 1629 • Libya  0 (so far)