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Riot? Screw It!

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

"I don't feel like rioting. You?"

“They say you are a snub queen
Honey, I don’t think that’s true
So why don’t we just get drunk and screw?”
The Great Jimmy Buffet

Last night the Canucks hockey team lost the Stanley Cup again and the Canucks in Vancouver went nuts.  Canadians finally learned how to riot! 150 people were injured – and there was over $10-Million in damage.  As the tear gas flew through thrown rocks and police began slamming their clubs to the sounds of broken glass, this wonderful couple knew the proper response to craziness.  I’ll bet they’ll be lovers forever.

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Kids: Look And Learn

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Meet  Ayman al-Zawahiri who is now the new leader of al Qaeda since Osama no longer shows up for meetings.  Mr. al- (as he’s known to his friends) never had a sip of alcohol, never tried a recreational drug, never partied the night away, never had a hangover, never cavorted with wild women, nor swam nude in the ocean.  His favorite hobbies are praying and hating the United States.

Mr. al- is younger than me.