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You Can’t Win An Argument

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

"Sure I'll listen to your side!"

Have you ever won an argument?  Has anyone with an opposing point of view ever said to you, “Say, I never thought of it that way.  You’re right – and I was wrong.”

You have a better chance of sewing a moonbeam to a fart.

These are some things I’ve learned:

• People’s opinions are rarely changed in an argument.

• Most people come to their conclusions from feelings, beliefs, and         traditions.

• They most often form these conclusions without objectively             considering facts or a changed reality.

•  People most often listen to  information with which they already         agree and are just as likely to ignore information with which they         don’t.

• When people hear facts or logic which support their position, they
reinforce their own opinions and then often use these reasons to         believe they’ve arrived at their opinions through them.

•  People just “know” they’re right.

•  The stronger someone presents his beliefs, usually the less sure he is of them and he often becomes defensive.

Do you disagree with these ideas?  Do you think I care?

PS- rereading this, I thought some readers might ask (considering the title of this blog) “Franco, do you mean we should be wary of YOUR opinions?”  I would say “Friends, you should be ESPECIALLY wary of my opinions!”

Baby-Sitter of Illusions

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Former Governor Spitzer's $9000/Session Call Girl.

In my wilder days, I photographed many models who wanted to build their portfolio’s or just have some good pictures taken.  One of my favorites was also a ‘call girl’.  Right off, you should know I never slept with her.  Really, on their days off, the last thing hookers want to do is have sex – they’d much rather talk and laugh.

I’ll bet “B” would not be the least bit surprised about this “Weiner” thing. (Congressman Anthony Weiner sending pictures of his “package” to many different women).  Once I asked B what things men talked about when they were with her.  I was shocked to learn they talked a lot about their penis’s.

“What?!” I said.

“Sure, “ she replied, “they’re usually pretty proud of them.  And a lot say that same, old dumb line: Bet you never saw one like this before – you probably shouldn’t even charge me!”  I couldn’t believe it!  But I had to ask, “Well, are there any special ones you really liked?”

She laughed.  “Franco – this is just business.  Like most working women,  I do the “Four G’s” as quickly as possible. ‘Get ‘em up – Get ‘em in – Get ‘em off – and Get ‘em out.’

Maybe she’s this mechanical because she’s a lesbian – but I don’t think so.  Like she says to some of her brighter clients (with a smile) “Thanks.  It was a business doing pleasure with you.”