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NO, You Can’t Marry Your Dog

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Out of all the responses against same sex marriage (see post below), none delights me more than the “slippery slope” argument.  It goes something like this:  “If we allow gay couples to get married, it sets a bad precedent. Who’s next? Brothers and sisters? People wanting to marry their dogs?”

After you stop laughing, you may wish to remind these people that incest and bestiality are illegal – being gay is not.

Some will know those facts.  Others may even be disappointed.

God Must Have Whispered In Their Ears

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Religious right-wing wing nuts KNOW gay marriage is wrong – God told them so.  Somehow.  Gay marriage is not in the Bible.  Gay people are hardly mentioned at all except for the “lay down with another man is an abomination” oldie but goodie. Of course this is in the Old Testament which also said we can have slaves and must stone to death adulterers.

If you’d like to read a fast Pro & Con piece on same sex marriages, click here:

The ‘Cons’ are pretty much centered around religion and tradition – two of my least favorite things.  I have a very simple view of this matter: This is America – gay people are citizens who pay taxes, vote, and get to watch “American Idol” – so let them get married if that’s what they want.

Many of the anti-gay marriage people sound like the old anti-interracial marriage people of less than 100 years ago.  Once again, our society is moving forward leaving the “anti’s” behind – getting dust in their bellowing mouths.