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America: Asleep At The Switch

Friday, June 3rd, 2011

On Wednesday afternoon,  a small, CSX freight train en route to an industrial park in Massachusetts, crashed because thieves cut away two 8-foot sections of tracks weighing about 900 pounds each.

Railroad workers said this “ranks as the most audacious example of metal theft in recent memory.”

Metal theft?  METAL THEFT! How would you bring railroad tracks to your local scrap yard?  Wouldn’t they get a little suspicious?

Mark Smith, Trainmaster (whatever that is) was incredulous that anyone would even consider such a brazen act.

“Idiots,” he said, of whoever used a welding torch to cut away the steel rail.  “They have no regard for anyone’s safety. Imagine if it punctured a fuel tank or if it was hazmat (hazardous material),”

No shit, Sherlock.  What do officials think this is?  A high school senior prank that got out of hand?

Am I the only one connecting the dots here?  Does anyone else remember the next target in Osama Bin Laden’s terror plan included America’s railway systems?  That’s what military intelligence officers found on one of his hard drives (after scraping parts of him from it).

Shouldn’t we have beefed up railway security?  Sorry – no money and no personnel for that says the Department of Homeland Security.  Gosh – we’ve got almost 200,000 troops in three or four ‘terrorist recruiting’, unwinnable wars at about $2-Billion dollars a day.

Couldn’t we….?  Oh, never mind.