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I Like Being Disliked By Nuts

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

When you're afraid to show your face, hide behind a picture.

Not surprisingly, some of the tinfoil hats, 3 posts down, continue to dis me in the discussion group I left.  I’m beginning to think two of them, one man and one woman, have crushes on me.  I’m proud to say I am just not their type.

They accuse me of being a “coward” because I won’t play in their sandbox more times a day.  The funny thing is they use cutesy little screen names like “kingdad”, “lil’Barry” and “kantishna” because they’re afraid someone will know their real names.

I think people should have the guts to show their identities when making comments – even stupid, sexist, or racist ones.  I used my real name on every comment I ever made in that pile.

Where’s the love?

Ketchup Scoops

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

There’s some controversy about the origin of French Fries.  Thomas Jefferson brought the idea of potatoes fried in oil from France.  And “frenching” is a culinary term for “long-cut” as in french green beans.  Put together, these became American french fries – often eaten with ketchup. The rest of the world eats them with vinegar, pepper, olive oil, gravy, cheese, gravy, and (gag) mayonnaise. It seems everyone puts them under salt. Now you know.