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No Intelligent Life Here

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

"I know they're coming."

I sometimes participate in an online, political discussion group.  The chances of anyone actually listening to each other there and then forming a rational opinion without preconceived ideas – is about equal to Jesus Christ doing a pole dance at your local strip club.

Although there are many left-wing wackos, most of the crackpots are right-wing wing nuts.  On what do I base my opinion?

• the “birthers” are mostly from the right –
• the “deathers” come from the same pile –
• the “Rupture” goofs were extreme, religious-right odd balls, and
• all of these people HATE, I mean HATE, Obama.

Now I HATE Obama’s warmongering policies (“OK George, I’ll see you those two wars and raise you one.”) – but I can’t hate the man.  Neither could I hate George Bush when lefties were beating up on the guy (see “The Cancer of Hatred”

Why would I even care what these righty dolts think? The more I think about it, the less I care.  I’m going to start thinking about it more.  And how come lefties don’t hate Obama as much as Bush when it comes to the wars? I’m going to start thinking about that one more too.