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Flag Burning You Up?

Friday, May 13th, 2011

A few teens burned swastikas onto the road in a predominantly Jewish neighborhood here a while ago.  They were charged with “hate crimes” – oh, my!  Right wingers kicked their electrons around and screamed about the decision.  “If they can burn American flags (Freedom of Speech says the Supreme Court), why should we charge people with burning the symbolic flags of others?”

People burn a flag to show disrespect for America and, basically, to make right-wingers scream.  Yawn – OK – got it.

The funny thing is, the more you go nuts over the act, the more successful it becomes. Demonstrators WANT you to go nuts. They WANT you to become emotionally involved in their issues. Bad publicity is better than no publicity and flag burning is a surefire, over-the-top button to press.

So let’s take a breath here and use our heads.

Flags aren’t the country, they’re SYMBOLS of the country. They’re little pieces of rectangular cloth sold to retailers by wholesalers – just like any other product. Flags aren’t manufactured reverently and rabbis don’t make them kosher. If one gets burned, there’s an endless supply to take its place.

So the next time you see some protesting dolt burn an American flag in a dull, cliched protest, don’t get excited. Don’t let your buttons get pushed. Smile. Think about our wonderful Bill of Rights which allows the nitwit to express himself freely in the land of the free.

And then hope for a little breeze so the goofball will accidentally set his own clothes on fire.