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Barney Would’ve Been a Birther

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

Remember Barney Fife, Andy of Mayberry’s overreaching, nit-picking, everything-by-the-book, bumbling Deputy?  Remember when Barney figured out that every citizen of Mayberry committed some sort of small infraction and locked up the whole town?  Technically, he might have been correct – but in a common sense, real-world reality – Barney was an idiot.

Today Barney Fife would be a “birther”.

Everyone knows I think Barrack “3-Wars” Obama should not be in office.  I really can’t understand what he’s doing domestically and in foreign affairs, the man waffles more than the International House of Pancakes.  But 66-million people voted for him and he’s going to be in office until 2012 and probably will get reelected after the Republicans cut themselves up over bullshit like this.

Does any birther really think some higher court will agree to hear a case about Obama’s birth – after he’s been President three years?  Lower courts have already thrown out the case numerous times and there must be a statute of limitations on stupidity.  And would birthers really prefer Joe Biden as President?

Birthers: the issues are wars, and jobs, and global competition.  Offer intelligent, alternative policies instead of shooting yourself in the foot with this one nitwit bullet which Andy never would have allowed you to keep.