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The Eyes Have It

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Holocaust Jokes Next?

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

A few years ago I got into a belligerent, on-air argument with a local radio “star”.  The day before,  he and a few of his nitwits were making jokes about a 13-year old girl who had her legs cut off in a horrible accident at an amusement park.  I thought it a tragedy – the dolts thought it was fodder for jokes.

So of course I faxed him the story substituting his own son’s name for the girl’s.  He went ballistic on the air!  I called him a hypocritical asshole but I’m sure a lot of what I said was bleeped.  His excuse was that sort of humor is OK “if you don’t know the people”.  Asshole!

I like humor to the extreme – some might even call it “sick” humor – but there’s a line where decent people stop.

Gilbert Gottfried, a comedian and the “voice” of the Aflak duck went over that line when he started making jokes about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  Aflak fired his ass.

Few people enjoyed Gilbert’s humor.  I did – I even bought tickets for one of his shows.  But I will never again listen to that asshole.