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Stubble Means “No.”

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

I went to lunch with an old girlfriend the other day and discovered she’s into computer dating.  She met a guy and, after a few weeks of talking, they had their first dinner together.  She said he was “OK” – just a little baggage, a snarky sense of humor, and he wasn’t bad looking.  They’re going out to dinner again tonight.

“Is he going to ‘get lucky’?” I asked.  (I’ve found I can be this “frank” with old lovers).

“Nope.  I’m not even going to shave my legs.”

Say what?

It seems my friend decides “Yes” or “No” in advance and shaves accordingly.  She doesn’t want to get carried away by too many drinks and would never sleep with anyone when she has hairy legs.  She says she knows a lot of women who do this.

“But” I said, “what if he pops a $13 Cialis pill and then has no place to park it (so to speak)?”

“That’s really not my problem, Franco.”

I then began to wonder about all the women I’ve known who’ve said “no”.  Could it be that the only thing standing in the way of our passion was a razor?  I don’t think so but you never know.