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Hugh Hefner and Natalie Portman Engaged!

Monday, December 27th, 2010

To different people of course.  But since I don’t care at all about Ms. Portman, let me tell you about Mr. Hefner’s third engagement.

Crystal Harris, 24, is the new fiancé to Hef who is 84 but seemingly ageless.  Ms. Harris was Playboy’s Miss January, 2010 but has many other credentials.  She’s been on a dozen episodes of some “E!” reality show and will soon get her BA degree in psychology.  In addition, she has a singing contract with a major music company.

What I love about the engagement is that Hef continues to be in the forefront of the sexual revolution after more than half a century!  There are so many more types of romantic relationships than the ones traditional America accepts.  “June, moon, spoon. children – forever – love” is an ideal that exists best in romance novels and on the movie screen.   The sooner we expose young people to alternative lifestyles, the less heartbreak they will have to endure.