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“Darling – What Was Your Name Again?”

Monday, December 13th, 2010

I saw it again yesterday – it was painful to watch. A man was introducing his wife to a friend and said, “John, this is my wife … and then he went BLANK.”  His face fell into a look of bewilderment and he stammered for a second or two dribbling guttural sounds.

Now this is a woman to whom he’s been married for over 10-years.  They have 3 sons!  But in that split second, he couldn’t remember her name to save his own life.

Fortunately the wife was very cool.  She extended her hand and said “Hello, John.  I’m Melissa.”

Has this happened to you?  Of course it has – it’s happened to all of us.  Psychologists say it’s no big deal just a “brain lapse in continuous cognition.” If you only do it occasionally, it’s not a sign of impending Alzheimer’s.

Worse is substituting one person’s name for another’s during an important moment.  Here, you may have “issues”. At the ‘pinnacle of pleasure’, substituting an old lover’s name for the person you’re with is probably symptomatic of something more than forgetfulness.

I once knew a woman who solved that problem easily.  While having a climax, she called out HER OWN NAME! Really.

You Can Whine About Winter . . . Or Get Into It

Monday, December 13th, 2010

A second later, this snow angel spread her wings.