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Send In the Clowns

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Tonight at 7:00 pm will be the first (and undoubtedly only) New York State Gubernatorial debate.  It should be a humdinger.  All seven candidates – including the clowns Andrew Cuomo and Carl Paladino – will be present.

I think you’ll be surprised by a real up-and-comer, Kristin Davis.  Ms. Davis was the Manhattan madame for the high priced call girl business in which former governor Elliot Spitzer got snared.  She’s also very intelligent and has some non-hypocritical ideas on lowering taxes and actually making money for New York.

Davis, of the Anti-Prohibition Party, clearly advocates legalizing marijuana, prostitution, and casino gambling and taxing them heavily.  In other words, raise state revenues by collecting taxes on what people do already.  She has this strange idea that the government should not be used as the moral police force when it comes to individual freedom.  I think those ideas are called “American”.

It will be fun to hear her make common sense as the baffle clowns “uh”  and lie through their allotted times.  And all that nervous throat clearing you’ll hear from the audience?  Those are just the traditional prigs who think they know how to live your life better than you do.