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“We Already Have”

Monday, October 4th, 2010

I used to think the Amish were very strange people.  And then two things changed my mind – one is an Amish tradition; the other is an Amish tragedy.

Rumspringa is an Amish tradition more radical than any religious practice to which I’ve been exposed. When they’re around 15 or 16 years old, Amish kids are given a free pass to the outside world. They may smoke, drink, have sex, do drugs – pretty much anything non-Amish kids do. This is encouraged by elders so young people can make a critical decision in life: to be or not to be Amish.

What? Give teens with raging hormones a chance to run free and THEN decide if they want to be just plain Amish? But most Amish families have this kind of faith in their lives and, surprisingly, 4 out of 5 kids return to the fold. Hmmm…..

The second Amish fact kicked me harder still.

On October 16, 2006, Charles Roberts, a mentally-ill milkman from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, burst into an Amish schoolhouse. He terrorized and tied up 11 young girls and shot each of them before killing himself. Many horrified parents arrived at the school within minutes. In anguish and confusion, they talked among themselves as the dead and dying were carried out of the small schoolhouse. And then a calm seemed to settle on the group.

A pushy TV reporter stuck a microphone into the face of a grieving father who had been told only moments before his own daughter was one of those murdered.

“Will you ever be able to forgive the killer?” the insensitive hack asked.

The father, who had tears streaming down his face, looked at the reporter, and smiled a gentle smile. His answer?

“We already have.”

Kelly Ripa Nude

Monday, October 4th, 2010

Drawn From Memory

What is it about my old gal-pal Kelly Ripa that drives men wild?  Of course she’s beautiful, smart, funny, and fun – but so are many women.  There’s just something about Kelly (who turned 40 over the weekend).

My little blog here is chugging along nicely without ads (it reached 200,000 hits last week) but whenever some search engine links her name to mine, the numbers just soar.  I candidly admitted our affair a few years back (type ‘affair’ into Search Box above) when I had to end it.

But she’s still a very special woman and I miss her – when I can’t tune in to ‘Live With Kelly & Regis’ Show.  (Yes, I know I have the names switched – but that’s how they’re spelled in my heart).