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Top 10 things NOT to Say to a Man in Bed – Part l

Friday, September 17th, 2010

10. “Better wear a condom.  I don’t want to get HIV again.”

9. “I wasn’t laughing at that!”

8. “What the HELL are you doing down there?”

7. “Are you late for something?”

6. “Wanna map?”

5. “Do all white guys do that?”

4. “Give me a few seconds to think of someone.”

3. “Wow. I can really see your bald spot from this angle.”

2. “Aww…doesn’t Mr. Jimmy want to come out and play?”

1. “In yet?”

Top 10 Things NOT to Say to a Man in Bed – Part II

Friday, September 17th, 2010

10. “Hey, you don’t shoot pool with a rope, right?”

9. “How many men before this? Not enough to make up for this!”

8. “Not asking for directions here either, are you?”

7. “No I won’t call you ‘Monster Meat’.”

6. “Look, I just seem to be in the way here…….”

5. “Were you in prison before?”

4. “You skipped steps 3 – 9.”

3. “Not in your wildest wet dreams!”

2. “Huh, so that’s what a white guy looks like.”

1. “This ceiling needs to be painted.”

The Fabulous Marilyn Monroe

Friday, September 17th, 2010

This is a rare photo of Ms. Monroe because she has her legs crossed.  Most people who met her said she was far more intelligent than the bimbo blond she often portrayed – and much more beautiful in person.

Men would continually try to impress her by name dropping.  If a guy said, “I know Frank Sinatra,” Marilyn would say, “Oh, I’m sure you know Frank.  The question is –  does Frank know you?”