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America’s Weirdest Movie

Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Eraserhead is a 1976 surrealist film made in America. It’s genre?  Take your pick: science fiction? horror? fantasy? anti-abortion? pro-abortion? comedy? political? annoying? all of the above?

Here’s the TV Guide synopsis: Henry is a very strange man living in a polluted, industrialized world where he’s surrounded by people even stranger than he.  When told by his girlfriend’s Mother he’s going to be a father and must marry her daughter, the horrified Henry immediately gets a nosebleed.  The Mother responds, “I’ll get some ice” (?) and his girlfriend sobs, “You don’t mind do you, Henry?”

How strange is it?  In the late ‘80’s, my friends and I had two parties to see peoples’ reactions to Eraserhead.  The results were amazing!  Some people started arguing about abortion, other people were laughing, some were trying to figure out the symbolism, and one poor woman rushed from the room crying loudly.

I don’t suggest you let your kids watch this movie unless they’re really strange – or you don’t like them. Here’s a link to the unforgettable ‘man-made chicken’ dinner scene when Henry first meets  his future in-laws.  Poor Henry.