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America Loses By Pretending Not to Lose

Friday, August 6th, 2010

The US has lost many wars in the last 40-years.  We’re “losing” today in Iraq and Afghanistan – because there’s really nothing for us to win.  We lost in Vietnam.  LBJ was dumbfounded in 1968 when Defense Secretary Robert S. MacNamara (the “architect” of the war in Vietnam) said we were losing and should get out. (“He put us there!”)

America has “lost” the war on drugs (more people do drugs today than four decades ago) – the War on Poverty (there are more poor people today and two generations who expect “entitlements”) – and the Education War (today 55% of high school graduates think Winston Churchill was a US President).

If noble ideals were the criterion of success, the US would be historically unprecedented.  But reality steps in somewhere and turns lofty goals into boulevards of broken dreams.

The huge cost in never admitting defeat is NOT saying, “Our objectives are magnificent but we kind of blew the ways to get there.  Let’s start again.”

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Friday, August 6th, 2010

Today I had to get Becky up at 11:00 AM and it was no picnic. I called her name with gradual volume increases until one of her eyes opened as if for the first time. Then the other one opened s-l-o-w-ly – trying to work as one with its sister-orb. Then an in-unison, s-l-o-w trial-roll around the room with both eyes.

This is a very delicate, critical time. NO TALKING is allowed. A giggle will get you a glare – a throat clearing will get a sneer – and opening the blinds could get you killed.

Remember, Becky is a warm, sensitive woman who is so peace-loving, she was once beaten up by Quakers. But first thing in the morning, watch out! That’s why I was surprised when she spoke.

“Do you ever use that thing?” she said, looking at my abdominal machine.

“Oh – that hurts,” I said trying to suck in my stomach.

Her eyes got big. “No – I didn’t mean it like that.” From anyone else, it would have been a jab. From Becky, it really was just an innocent question.

Silence. Slow stretch – then,

“Every time I see an exercise machine in someone’s house, it’s got clothes hanging on it. Maybe they should just make them with an extra bar for hangers. They could call it the ‘Let’s Be Honest’ bar.”