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Women’s Pornography

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Fictional romance is women’s pornography.  From Fabio galloping across a novel’s cover with long hair and a longer sword to a diamond commercial showing a large, flashing gem and a cooing woman, women’s porn is as bad as men’s – maybe worse.

Why?  Because men’s porn is ‘under the counter’, dirty, and lewd.  It’s most often hidden.  Women’s romance porn is in every tv show, movie, song, and you can encourage fantasies about it to girls of any age in our culture.

Why is extreme pornography harmful?  Because it destroys reality for most people.  And – I know I’ll get smashed for this – I believe women are more susceptible to this buffoonery than men. They really think “it” is out there “somewhere” (although not in their present relationship, of course).  Somehow, men know teenies Tiffany and Madison are not going to whip off their clothes and want a threesome with us no matter what the videos pretend.

I was very happy when a number of women in my life said I was romantic.  They knew my small gestures, remembrances and kind words were based on love.  They wouldn’t get confused by some goofball, rowing them in an oar less boat to a mini-barge with a linen on the table, in the middle of a wave less lake.

If we’re going to fantasize that much, I would hope a naked Tiffany and Madison would quickly do a breaststroke towards our little raft.

The Majesty of an Iceberg

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010