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I Said “RARE” You Son-of-a-Bitch!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

54-year-old Robert Hardesty and his wife, 51-year-old Patricia Hardesty were good at arguing – they did it all the time.  So when Mr. Hardesty went to the patio to grill some burgers, he thought nothing of it while his wife kept yelling at him from the house.

Perhaps to get his attention, Mrs. Hardesty grabbed a .22 caliber rifle and fired several shots at him hitting him once in the left knee.  End of argument.

Mrs. Hardesty was charged with first-degree assault and criminal use of a firearm. She is now in the Genesee County Jail, near Rochester, NY.  Ms. Hardesty has no bail.  Police suspect alcohol may have been involved in  the incident.

However, Mr. Hardesty won the argument.  He was just saying his wife was one mean bitch.  He was right.