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Yo Mama So Poor . . .

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

When She Go to KFC, She Licks Everybody Elses’ Fingers.

The Beautiful Beads in Each of Us

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Two years ago,  my Lady Friend Becky’s Mom was getting ready for the Park Avenue Festival – an arts and crafts street show held here every year. She made bead earrings that never sold very well. She really thought they were “something” – although she probably hadn’t sold three dozen of the damn things in all the years she crafted them. We kidded her about that but she just laughed.  Connie had a great laugh.

On a warm summer night around that time, Connie felt a little dizzy, couldn’t walk quite right for a few minutes, and seemed confused even though she felt fine. It was no big deal but her family insisted she go to the doctor. Doctor ordered some tests – brain tumor – inoperable –maybe four months to live.

“Pardon me? What was that you said? I don’t think so. I feel fine – and I’m only 60-years old. You see, I make these bead earings….and teach my Sunday school classes…and…the Park Ave Festival is coming up…….”

Four months later, almost to the day of her diagnosis. Connie died.

We all know we’re going to die someday, don’t we? Naw, not really. Really can’t imagine it. This lack of true belief in our own death is probably necessary for us to live. And that’s OK. But maybe today – for just a few moments – we can look at the beautiful glass beads in each of us – and love them – even if no one else realizes how very valuable they are.