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“Dun’ do it, Gringo!”

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

What is California’s greatest cash crop?  Pubic hair from Hollywood actresses? Noooo – POT, like in marijuana, “weed”, and “smoke”.

This Fall, California voters will decide if they should or should not legalize and tax marijuana. Rand, a very respected national think tank, has projected that if that happens, within a few years, the price of pot will drop 80-90% NATIONALLY, there may be 2-times as many casual users, tax revenues would skyrocket, and drug cartels would be SOOL (Shit Out of Luck).  Of course, drug killings would be drastically reduced and the cost of law enforcement would take a nose dive – just like when Prohibition ended.

Will America do it?  Of course not!  It makes too much sense and there are too many vested interests trying to keep the moronic status quo.  Think about who PROFITS from the drug industry (everyone from cartels to rehab centers, the liquor industry, law enforcement, and correctional officers).

With these players in the game, common sense “doesn’t mean shit to a tree.”