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A New Low in Highs?

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Rochester Police continue to refuse comment on a strange report concerning the city’s drug trade: women who drive around to local street drug dealers exchanging oral sex for illegal narcotics.

Although trading sex for drugs is relatively common, one aspect of this activity has taken a different turn: allegedly, some women don’t exit their vehicles because of fear for their personal safety.  It’s reported that they roll down their windows and dealers are given oral sex while standing on the curb.  When finished, the dealer hands the woman a small bag of drugs and she drives off.

It was reported that at least one alleged dealer appeared to hide the transaction by looking at a magazine on the top of a customer’s car.

Rochester City Police did not return my calls for comment.

Clemency for Pamela Smart

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

This society is much bigger on punishment than rehabilitation.  What wonderful Christians we are!  We’re one of the few “civilized” nations in the world which still has capital punishment.

The very first post on this blog  – over 900 entries ago – was about clemency for Pamela Smart. Smart still sits in her cell 20-years after her crime in which she supposedly conned some stupid kid into killing her husband.  She has no chance for parole.


Years ago the Supreme Court ruled that incarceration without the chance for parole is NOT cruel and unusual punishment as banned by our Constitution.  I think they’re full of shit.  My own choice would be to provide lifers with enough suicide drugs to kill themselves – if that’s what they chose – or stay in prison forever.

But uh-uh – not in God-fearing America.  If there’s any  killing to be done around here, our society wants credit for it.  The rest of the suckers can just rot to death.