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Check Please?

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Today I saw one of the worst mothers in the world waddling down Main Street.  She had a child in a stroller, two others just a year or two older clinging to her, and she had a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.  Maybe the kids were triplets – or she was babysitting – but something tells me this nitwit could have starred in two shows for Maury being pregnant on the second. And I don’t even want to  think about their  daddy (s).  I sadly thought she MIGHT be the worst Mom in America today – but she probably couldn’t even make the top 100,000.

What will this country do about Mommas who hold the government ransom – demanding more checks per kid?

Most people think my ‘$5000/ per VOLUNTARY sterilization” (type: $5000 in Search Box)  plan too extreme.  But in the last few days, my electronic friend, Yvette, voiced a more moderate idea: every Mother on welfare MUST get a birth control shot – every month  – before she can receive her monthly welfare check.

In my words, “Honey, if you can’t support the ones you have, don’t have any more.  We’re not paying for exponential multiples of your lunacy.”

I think the idea brilliant.  Lots of flaws but sooo much better than we have right now.

Everyone knows I don’t particularly like children but when I saw those sad kid faces,  I had to start walking faster.  They deserve so much more to begin life.

For a REALLY LOUSY MOM, go to the HuffingtonPost and scroll down its video list on the right.  Click on “Mom” vid.