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The “Where Do I . . . ?” Sign

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

I was riding down the freeway yesterday with my friend, Bosco.  Well, of course, his name really isn’t Bosco – but Wes didn’t want me to use his real name – so I won’t.  Anyway, we were driving along and Bosco pointed out a sign similar to the one above.

“Do you know why the ‘Exit’ sign is on that side of the bigger sign?” he asked.

“No,” I said.

“It’s so you know to get in the right hand lane.”


“It’s true,” Bosco said, “You never believe anything!  Exit signs are put on top of name signs to designate in which lane you should drive.  If it’s on the middle of the sign, you stay in the lane you’re in.”

“When did they start this?”

“Oh, about a million years ago when they first had more than one lane going in the same direction on highways.”

“Well if nobody knows about it, what good does it do?”

“Everyone knows about it – except you, apparently.”

“That’s sooo bullshit!  No one except you – who’s probably made this all up – knows anything about it,” I said. So Bosco said:

“You’re probably one of those friggin’ idiots who cuts people off because he doesn’t know which lane he’s supposed to be in.” (Bosco can become very moody at times).

So readers, please Comment on this to let Bosco know he’s wrong – or if there’s a huge conspiracy designed to keep me in the dark – and in the wrong lane.