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Not Quite Heaven – Not Quite Hell

Monday, June 7th, 2010

There are no pictures of Limbo (the place) so I’m throwing in Limbo – the dance.

Limbo was a confusing place for young Catholic kids.  It was neither Heaven (Bingo!) nor Hell (“Where the everlasting fire will forever burn every part of your little, sinning bodies….blahblahblah”). And it wasn’t Purgatory where you got to work off your sins for a back door entry into Heaven (helped along by some relatives who lit candles and sent care-prayers).

No, Limbo was just a strange little place as I remember.  It was for unbaptized babies, people who had very, very low IQ’s, and other religious rejects who could not make healthy church choices.  It certainly wasn’t for Protestants  who had their chance to be Catholic –  but picked the wrong horse.  Limbo was like a low-rent housing project on a dead end eternal highway where you didn’t get a golden trumpet, you got a plastic kazoo.

Then came Vatican II in the early 1960’s and LIMBO was ABOLISHED!  Say what? Gone? No big loss except where did they send the Limboites who weren’t welcome anywhere else before? And wouldn’t you be a little resentful if a group of religious men in atrocious costumes made your home disappear?  I would be.

I think about the Limboites sometimes and wonder where they ended up.  Maybe they sent them all here to America and maybe that’s why our unemployment rate is so high.  I know I’m no good at figuring out the mysteries of the universe – but do you have a better idea?