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Swimmin’ in the Crazy End of the Pool

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

A few months ago,  I was standing in front of the building in which I work and a cab pulled up.  When the beautiful, elegantly-dressed, passenger got out, I immediately recognized her as the woman who won the “Miss Lilac” Beauty pageant in 1974!  I was the Master of Ceremonies for that contest in my first professional job after moving back from Manhattan.

She immediately recognized me and there were hugs and laughs over things from 36-years ago.  After just a few minutes,  she leaned over, looked me straight in the eye, and seriously said, “Franco, could you loan me $600?”

“Whoa”, I thought, “Miss Lilac’s been swimmin’ in the crazy end of the pool.”

I thought of that phrase again today when I was on an electronic political discussion board.  A few right wing wing-nuts suggested Obama was deliberately delaying fixing the BP oil mess to “push his own agenda”.

Whoa times duh!  I don’t like Obama’s policies – especially his lying war stands – but to think the man would help continue this disaster on purpose is just nuts – and paranoid – and hateful.

These dolts aren’t just splashing around in the crazy end – they’re doing a  full-tilt Olympic style Australian crawl!  Now I don’t want to make fun of these loonies – but I wouldn’t want to go swimming with them either.