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American Historical Coincidences

Friday, May 14th, 2010

I don’t believe in many conspiracies.  If you believe in flying saucers, you pretty much have to disbelieve the laws of physics and time.

What I like to do, however, is study FACTS – absolute, tangible, agreed-to-by-everyone, pieces of reality – and connect my own dots. I also believe the John Kennedy assassination was a complete conspiracy.  I’ve connected my own dots – as have many – and decided the government’s version of events is a total crock of horsepoo.

One of the more amusing sidelights to this horrible event was the response by celebrities to the question: “Where were you on November 22, 1963?” Now anyone over 50 can tell you EXACTLY where he or she was on that unforgettable day.  The nation came to a complete standstill and all the television stations went to live coverage in Dallas.

But there were two notable exceptions: George Bush, Sr (who said he was “somewhere in Texas”) and Richard M. Nixon who “forgot” altogether.  Ironically, both were in DALLAS, TEXAS that day. Bush on some “oil business” and Nixon addressing a convention of Pepsi Cola bottlers.

Were they involved in the assassination?  Of course not!  Probably not.  Maybe not.  But they sure didn’t want to be associated with that city on that day – and lied about it.  Today, America is a different place than it was a half century ago.  Right?