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“Jews Have Horns”

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Miss Goldstein had just announced to our 7-th grade class that she was Jewish.  The year was 1962.  The place was a small Upstate New York town of fewer than 2000 people.  It was the black & white TV period in American history.

“You can’t be Jewish!” loudly said Galen M. “Jews have horns!”

As the class burst into laughter, chaos, and ridicule of Galen, I noticed not everyone was amused.  More than one of the other students sat there stunned and silent. They, too, believed the same, stupid thing.

Could any child in America be that embarrassingly ignorant today?

Of course not.  Today we have a superior education system, hundreds of around-the-world cable TV channels, and the internet.  Today, no kid could live in such a naive, clueless bubble – in America.

But America is not the world.  Children in other countries ARE this ignorant.  Let’s take an example:  Afghanistan.  In that poor country, fewer than 3 out of 4 people can read and less than half have electricity.  Televisions are no big deals if you can’t plug them in and the internet is less valuable than a healthy goat.

The people of Afghanistan believe what the tribal leaders, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban tell them what to believe about America.  If they have any doubts, our bombs and rockets, which blow away their neighbors, will convince them.

We’ve already lost too many fine American troops in this conflict.  And “too many” started with the very first one.