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Why Must We Do It “Their” Way?

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Every woman wants to change men and most men would rather just go into the next room and watch TV.  Men don’t seem to be in this “change 1/2 the world, one remote-clicker at a time” mode.

The two main female complaints are:  “Men don’t talk” and “Men don’t show emotions”.

What about talking? The average woman speaks around 21,000 words a day – the average man: about 12,000.  So women, when you’re all fired up to machine gun words after work, please realize men may have used up all of theirs by about 3:30. They probably don’t have any words left.

And who said talking more is better?  Many times fewer words are better if they’re the right words. Just ask the guys.

I know, I know…it’s to “relate” – emotional bonding.  Oops – guys crash again.  Showing emotions is a tricky thing for men – and the deck is stacked against us.  Women don’t want men to show all of their emotions.  Anger and fear aren’t best sellers – neither is sadness.  So guys not only have to hack up feelings they’d rather keep to themselves, they’ve got to throw out the “right” feelings.

Who made up these rules – Oprah?

Why do guys always accept being changed?

Most psychologists would agree it’s based on that old joke most of us heard as kids:

Boy – “You don’t have one of these!”
Girl – “Yeh, but with one of these – I can have all of those I want”.

True?  Hey, don’t ask me.  I just used up all my words for today.

Make Up After a Fight

Friday, May 7th, 2010

Clown sex is the worst but a little make-up is nice.