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English Spoken Here

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I love my Hispanic friends and their beautiful families and culture.  I  would also love it if they learned English and spoke it to their children exclusively.  Language is the glue that binds together a country of many different nationalities.  We may not look the same, listen to the same music, nor eat the same things – but if we can’t easily communicate with each other using a common language, how can we stand together as a nation?

My grandparents knew this when they came to America at the turn of the last century.  They learned English to get into schools, apply for jobs, and become citizens.  They were very proud when they learned how to speak English well.

Today in America we have many sophisticated means of teaching children our language.  We have television, the internet, and electronic games that could make it fun to learn the language.  We have excellent teachers and two and a half months of empty schools that could be devoted to preschool English lessons.

I hope my Latino friends know this idea is not an insult to their language or culture.  Instead it is a welcoming hand that says, “We respect our differences but we ask you join us to form a stronger America.  How may we help you get onboard?”