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I Wanna be a Model – I Wanna be a President

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Sarah Palin had a good time over the weekend and I had a good time watching her. She was in Nevada yelling, jumping around, and shaking her fist at Obama, Liberals, the Government, and the new health plan. There was not one dot of ink on her palm and I still think she’s the hottest looking woman on the national scene.

The only problem is I’ve seen her act before – lots of times.  There’s really nothing new here except she quit being Governor of Alaska, wrote a self-serving book, and dropped about 150-pounds of ugly fat: that nit who married her daughter.

When Ms. Sarah runs for President, she’ll be grilled about her lack of knowledge of international leaders and their countries and what role America should play in the world. Right now she SHOULD be taking an intensive course of visiting as many countries as she can and listening to every leader who’ll take the time to meet with her. She will NOT be a viable candidate for President until she has some international experience and education under her lipstick.

If she only continues to do what she’s doing now, I’d like to nominate her as  “America’s  Ambassador of Cheerleading” which might not be such a bad job after  all.